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About Me

In his own words
My own lasting memories of school days were mucking around in the grounds of Rowville Primary school. It was a great place to explore; 8 hectares of bushland fallen trees to play on, plenty of lizards to catch and let go, we even had a dam which had a resident oxelotle (Mexican walking fish). Occasionally the odd visitor like an echidna or an emu would drop in. At night the grounds took on a whole different feel. Large Praying Mantis and bats were attracted by flying insects which were attracted by the light. I remember the days Fritz and Andy would bring in their collection of snakes, the portacabin where science was taught, the rescue bats and sugar gliders that were looked after inside. In my own little way that's what I try to bring to the kids in Ireland that I teach on a daily basis today; a feeling of adventure and exploration even in their own school gardens.


Or put it another way...
Between 1992 and 1995, Dale was a Team Leader in the Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers. Duties included responsibility for organising and running volunteer camping trips, the welfare of volunteers, and co-ordination of works. Tasks included track construction, weed control, and tree planting, and the development of curriculum and implementation of the ATCV remote schools programs.

For the following two years, Dale was Team Leader for Ku-ringai Municipal Council, and Bush-regeneration & Interpretation Officer for Wildflower Gardens. Extra duties included weekend and evening interpretation programs for the council, leading walks, and carrying out children’s educational activities.

He continued working with the Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers until 1999. Duties included project management, training and supervision of youth teams employed in regeneration of rainforest areas, with tasks such as track construction, bank stabilisation and general National Park maintenance duties.

Following a move to Ireland in 1999, Dale worked with the Conservation Volunteers of Ireland (CVI) as an Urban Forestry Officer. He was a Co-ordinator for the Millennium Urban Forest Campaign to plant 50,000 trees in the greater Dublin region. Extra duties included implementation of environmental education programs and the construction of wildlife gardens.

Dale was a founding member of the original ENFO Team On Tour and developed the original curriculum activities for that programme and training of other team members. He was also Leader of the Dublin Zoo Summer Camp Programmes.

In 2005, he set up Naturally Wild in order to continue his work in the wildlife education arena. Currently Dale is subcontracted to local authorities, INTO, the Heritage in Schools Programme, DCU Irish Centre for Talented Youth, Spring House and Garden Show, BT Young Scientist Awards, and others to facilitate educational workshops in schools and public venues.

He designed and constructed the ‘Muck and Magic’ Playgarden at the 2007 Bloom Garden festival, and ‘Gondwana’ Dinosaur feature in 2011 at the same event. Dale has become a regular feature on RTE and TV3 appearing on Dustins Daily News, The Club, Ice, Kazoo, Eleva8, Hubble, News2day, and most recently as Albie the Why Guy’s plant and animal expert. Promoting ‘kid zone’ activities at various shows. In addition, Dale has organised and was featured in various media shoots such as the An Taisce Green Day competition and Heritage Council Wild Child theme for Heritage Week. His energy, enthusiasm and irrepressible humour make him a success in a classroom full of youngsters and family events, and he is in constant demand around the country.