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Check out a couple of videos to give you an idea of our fantastic Dinos Down Under Show!

Video 1
Video 2

Welcome to Naturally Wild


Obviously, the COVID pandemic is causing problems for many educators, schools, parents and pupils alike. We are happy to talk to you about bookings for future work, so please feel free to call anytime.

Naturally Wild provides environmental educational services to schools, community youth groups and shows and exhibitions. Naturally Wild is fronted by Dale Treadwell, an Aussie with a background in Bushland Resortation now living in Ireland for over a decade. The aim of Naturally Wild is to educate in a fun and informative way which will capture the imagination of both old and young alike.

Use the buttons and links along the top to navigate around our site. Email us if you have any queries. You should find all you need to know here online, but of course, sometimes it's just good to pick up the old phone and make a call!

Catch me on RTE Junior with Albie the Why Guy, and you can always catch up any you have missed on the RTE Player!

See you soon.